Research Group

Masud Rana Postdoc (2021 - Present)
Farjana Tasnim Mukta PhD Student (2021 - Present)
Benjamin Philpot Undergrad (2022 - Present)
Avery Meyer Undergrad (2022 - Present)

Position Available

I am looking for self-motivated students including undergraduate and graduate students, and visitors to join my group. Ideal candidates should be interested in machine learning, computational biology, or closely related areas. Please contact me if you are interested.


I am an Assistant Professor in Department of Mathematics at University of Kentucky.

Online Server: FRI

Online server for the flexibility analysis of biomolecules based on flexibility and rigidity index.

Online Server: RI-Score

Online server for geometric graph theory or rigidity index (RI) based scoring function for protein ligand binding affinity prediction.

Online Server: DG-GL

Online server for differential geometry based geometric data analysis of molecular datasets.

Online Server: AGL-Score

Online server for algebraic graph theory based protein-ligand binding scoring, ranking, docking and screening.